Development of a platform for healthcare operations management underpinning strategic, tactical and operational decisions

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    Cardiff University
    United Kingdom
    Formal sciences


A graphical user interface will be developed in close collaboration with NHS practitioners (physicians, nurses and managers) to support decision making. A usability and acceptability study will be undertaken to feed back into the platform and to maximise impact.

The candidate is expected to work closely together with the local health boards in order to develop and implement software requirements specifications. The output of the work will have a direct and immediate impact on the potential management of the local health boards which are linked with us.

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has launched a course program in which scheduling, staffing and queuing models are taught within the NHS. The platform developed in this dissertation will be used as a tool to demonstrate course participants the effectiveness of mathematical modelling in healthcare.

In undertaking this project you will develop:

  • new mathematical models for tackling healthcare operations management problems on the strategic, tactical and operational decision level
  • algorithms to obtain high quality solutions
  • simulation models to address uncertainty in healthcare.

What is funded

Self-funded students only. 

How to Apply

Applicants should apply to the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

In the research proposal section of your application, please specify the project title and supervisors of this project and copy the project description in the text box provided. In the funding section, please select the ’self -funding’ option and specify that you are applying for the Combinatorics project.

We are interested in pursuing this project and welcome applications if you are self-funded or have funding from other sources, including government sponsorships or your employer.


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