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2020 campain is now closed. See you in March-April 2021

Digital Systems for Humans (DS4H) is a graduate school and a pluridisciplinary research coordination structure in the fields of Digital Systems and Digital Society at Université Côte d'Azur (France).


DS4H offers each year several PhD fundings opportunities in the fields of Automatic control, signal, and image processing, Computer Science, Mathematics applied to digital science, Electronics and Human and social sciences.

2020 subjects:


  • AI and Machine Learning for Analysing Filamentous Networks in Biology from Microscopy Images
  • Système pour le contrôle des vibrations dans le bâti existant
  • Optimal resource allocation in mathematical models of micro-organisms under dynamic environmental conditions
  • Tensor Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Atrial Fibrillation Characterization
  • Quantum computer vision algorithms for sensor-based robot localisation
  • Gridless method for Superresolution optical fluctuation Imaging of Organelle Dynamics in a Human Fungal Pathogen
  • From learning-based identification to model-based control of robotic systems
  • De l'analyse dynamique de cellules tumorales à la compréhension et la prédiction des réponses aux traitements anticancéreux
  • Apprentissage minimax non-supervisé pour la médecine personnalisée : application aux patients Covid-19


  • Génération de code source efficace pour le contrôle des systèmes synchrones critiques
  • Weakly-supervised activity detection in untrimmed videos using deep learning
  • Apprentissage de contraintes cachées / Learning Hidden Constraints
  • Pushing the limits of reading performance screening with Artificial Intelligence: Towards large-scale evaluation protocols for the Visually Impaired
  • Optimizing newspaper design for low vision people
  • Smart Contract Languages for permissioned Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers
  • Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Multi Fidelity Models into a Systems Engineering Approach
  • Semantic Resource Discovery in Internet of Things
  • Identification of Dynamic Parameters for Gene Networks using Bio-inspired computation and Reinforcement Learning
  • Exploring, predicting, and analyzing user exposure to EMF
  • Formal Contracts For Smart contracts with application to Multimodality Transportation
  • A lightweight data-driven approach for network monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Sustainable distributed machine learning
  • Memory-augmented models for low-latency machine-learning serving
  • Estimation de pose et de vitesse basée Apprentissage Profond pour les caméras à évènements
  • Machine Learning-based Strategies for Streaming and Experiencing Virtual Reality
  • Modelling dynamical synapses in the retinal network
  • Preuve formelle pour la planification de mouvements de robots
  • Enhanced Localization and Range Extension in LPWANs
  • Individualisation de logiciels dirigée par les usages / Usage-driven Software Individualisation
  • Optimization of UAVs deployment and coordination for exploration and monitoring applications
  • Data streaming and Batch Processing on Stamina: Optimizing the data processing path from the Kernel to the Middleware
  • Model-checking of communicating machines
  • Profile-guided optimization for Dynamic Languages
  • Beyond Agent-Based Modeling in Studying Monetary Phenomena
  • Graph decompositions and treelength
  • Neurobehavioral dynamics of learning to navigate in space
  • Evolution over time of the structure of social graphs
  • Extraction non supervisées de relations entre entités nommées - Application à l'analyse de rapports médicaux
  • Visualisation multimédia interactive pour l’exploration d’une base de métadonnées multidimensionnelle de musicales populaire
  • Online Learning for caching at the edge
  • Neuromorphic Visual Odometry for Intelligent Vehicles with a Bio-inspired Vision Sensor
  • Deep geometric analysis of high dimensional potential energy surfaces
  • Etude de Techniques de Visualisation d’information pour l’exploration de publication scientifique sur le Web : un abordage visuel pour de requêtes enchainées
  • Dessin de graphes orientés avec constraintes de sous-graphes


  • Antennes-Capteurs miniatures complexes réalisées en impression 3D
  • Design and realization of a BLE Transceiver in FDSOI Technology
  • Energy Efficient Processing for AI at the Edge
  • Exploration of IoT architectures for dApps and DAO blockchains
  • Estimation of Small Antenna Performance Using Machine Learning


  • Valorisation de la donnée distribuée et innovation de modèle d’affaires au sein d’écosystèmes numériques convergents : le cas du big data intelligence
  • Teaching digital literacy for the training of the individual and the citizen of the 21st century
  • Le régime juridique de la donnée urbaine
  • L’appréhension juridique de la donnée de santé dans les systèmes algorithmiques

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Why should you apply?

As a doctoral student at Université Côte d'azur, you will be provided with a very high-quality hosting environment:

- Attractive salary: doctoral candidates will get a gross salary of ~2380€ as monthly living allowance (please notice this amount may change according to regulatory changes that may occur between now and the beginning of the contract and throughout the contract). In addition, the fellows will get additional money for conference travel and professional equipment.
- Excellent research environment including international-renowned laboratories with long-standing practices for leading doctoral projects.
- Lab/industry cross-fertilization in Nice-Sophia Antipolis, the fast-paced European biggest technopark.
- Interdisciplinary research options as cross-domain vision lies at the heart of the Digital Systems for Humans Graduate school project.
- International openness (international events, UlyssEUs Alliance with the universities of Genoa In Italy, Seville in Spain and Innsbruk in Austria. Strong links with the Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia, the University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland and University Laval, Canada). Almost 70% of the PhD students are foreigners.
- PhD support programs: DocWalker (mobility) and Icare (conference travel and equipment).
- Optional courses to open to new domains (no prerequisites needed): Digital Business with SKEMA business school, Entrepreneurship, Digital IP & Law, Smart EdTechs...
- Job'Action workshops to help boosting your career and employment.
- Individual support from Université Côte d'Azur Welcome Center and Center for Doctoral Studies (housing, administrative procedures, child-care solutions, newcomers meetups...).
- Active Student association DS4H ADAMS (Digital Systems for Humans Association of Doctoral and Master’s Students): academic and unifying events, after school peer learning meetings, parties…
- ... and the world-envied French Riviera quality of life!




The responsibility for the funding offers published on this website, including the funding description, lies entirely with the publishing institutions. The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes.