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Information and Assistance

Information and assistance

EURAXESS Finland provides information and assistance on a variety of topics relevant to the lives of mobile researchers.

  • Finland is known for its beautiful landscapes, high quality of life, and strong emphasis on education and social welfare. If you are thinking of moving to Finland, there are several topics you might want to consider, and the local Euraxess service centers are here to help you with a range of issues including visa requirements, taxation and social security.

  • Working as a researcher in Finland can be a highly rewarding experience. Finland has a strong reputation for research and innovation, with world-class universities, research institutes, and a supportive environment for academic and industrial research. The local Euraxess service centers provide practical support to researchers as they relocate for work.


  • Researcher mobility can improve a career in research.There are several issues to consider when leaving Finland. The local Euraxess Service Centers are here to offer expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.

  • The KAVOT  project has developed a model for recruiting international experts to universities. The attached material is free to use and edit for local needs. There are further KAVOT-materials available in the Library of the Euraxess Extranet (requires registration as a Euraxess user). They are made especially for HR as well as the supervisors and team members of an organization recruiting internationals.  As the material has been prepared by University of Helsinki, many of the links in the mateiral refer to services available in the Capital Region. Similar services are available in other regions as well, and you can find information about them on InfoFinland. You can also contact any of the local EURAXESS service centers to get information on what services are available in other regions.