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Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual property rights include copyright, patent rights, rights in a trademark, utility model rights, design copyright, rights to a commercial name, protection of integrated circuits and layout designs, and plant variety rights.

All intellectual property rights are granted for a limited period of time. An important distinction between copyright and so-called industrial rights is that the latter require registration, whereas copyright does not.

Each individual organisation, whether a university, research institute or business company, will have its own way of dealing with IPR issues and its own IPR guidelines.

Information on Finnish IPR legislation is available through the Finlex service.

What you need to do when you move to another organisation

When you move to work with another organisation, check in advance what intellectual property rights you may have created in your previous job and who has ownership of those rights, you or your former employer. This applies equally whether you are moving from one organisation to another, moving abroad, or returning to your home country.

User rights to existing IPR need to be agreed upon either with you or with the institution you are coming from depending on who is the right holder.

Points to remember


  • Possible restrictions due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) concerning your earlier work
  • N.B. outside NDAs researchers and scientists may freely exercise their professional skills
  • Any rights you have assigned in part or in full to another institution or person(s)