Research Funding

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Funding for scientific research in Finland comes predominantly from private companies and the government. Other important sources of funding include various funds and foundations. Here are some of the biggest funding agencies:

Academy of Finland (Research Councils)

The Academy of Finland (AoF) promotes excellent, responsible and high-impact research with a view to ensuring that society can make the best possible use of the results of that research. AoF produces high-quality data and analyses and supports the use of scientific knowledge in policy-making. AoF works in close consultation with other stakeholders in the Finnish research, education and innovation system. AoF is the prime funding agency for scientific research in Finland. 

Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund)

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund is another key source of funding for science and technology in Finland.

EDUFI (Finnish national Agency for Education). EDUFI administers scholarship and exchange programmes for young people, students and researchers. For more detailed information, visit EDUFI’s Study in Finland webpages.

Council for Finnish Foundations (in Finnish only)

The Council of Finnish Foundations provides a range of services for grant applicants and grant recipients. Its website is in Finnish only, but it lists a number of useful links to foundations and other sources that have grants and allowances; many of those websites are in English.