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Accommodation in Finland


Rented housing can be found via the city, estate agents or private landlords. You can find housing advertisements in the Internet and in the local newspapers. Consulting your colleagues is recommended too. Your colleagues may have some useful tips on issues such as transport, shops and services, schools and childcare etc.

Tenancy agreements are typically signed for a minimum of 12 months. This means that the agreement cannot be terminated during the first year. Making shorter tenancy agreements can be difficult. Apartments are usually rented unfurnished, which means that you need to buy/bring furniture, cooking ware and textiles etc. yourself. However, fitted clothes and kitchen cabinet and cupboards, refrigerator and stove are always included in the rent.

In order to rent an apartment, a security deposit is usually required. This deposit is usually equivalent to 1-3 months' rent. The deposit will be returned to you when you move out of the apartment, provided that you have paid the rent, kept the apartment in good condition and cleaned the apartment thoroughly.

General information about renting

If you are renting a house or a flat, always sign a written contract with your landlord or landlady. It is important that you understand every aspect of the contract before you put a pen to paper. When you are renting, you are usually required to pay a deposit that is equivalent to 1–2 months’ rent. You will get the deposit back when you move out.

The rent is usually paid monthly in advance.

Tenancy agreements are usually in force either until further notice or for a fixed period. If the agreement has been made until further notice, termination of the tenancy agreement must be done in writing one calendar month before moving out. The period of notice is counted from the last day of the month when the notice was given.

Electricity and Water

Electricity is not usually included in the rent, and you have to sign up with an electricity company.

Your rental agreement will state whether water is included in the rent or whether it is charged separately each month.

Home insurance and fire alarm

Go to an insurance company to get home insurance; they will help you to choose the right kind of insurance. Make sure you know exactly what is covered by your insurance.

Household appliances are the tenant’s responsibility, so it’s up to you to look after your refrigerator, freezer, cooker, cooker hood and washing machine.

Every household must be equipped with a smoke alarm(s). By Finnish law, there must be a fire alarm for every 60 square meter of living space. Residents of the apartment are responsible for replacing the batteries of the fire alarms and checking that the fire alarm works.

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