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Health & social security


National Health Insurance

In Finland most of the social security benefits are administered by Kela, the Finnish social security agency.

If you have been enrolled with Finnish social security, you will be eligible for Finnish National Health Insurance and receive a so-called ‘Kela card’. By presenting your Kela card at pharmacies or many private medical clinics, you can get a direct at-the-spot reimbursement for your portion of your costs.

The card is normally asked also at the public health care services as a proof of eligibility for National Health Insurance.

Health Care

The health care system in Finland consists of public, private and occupational health care.

Public health care

Public health care services in Finland are provided by municipalities and financed by tax revenue.

You are entitled to use the public health care when you are a resident of a municipality and entitled to the National Insurance coverage.

To register a municipality of residence (kotikunta), you need to provide evidence of your intention that you are going to remain in Finland permanently. When you are eligible for residence in a Finnish municipality, you have the right to use public health care services and you pay the same fees as locals.

Private health care

Private health care complements the public health care services and many Finns use that e.g. for dentists, eye specialists and special services that are not covered by the Occupational Health care. Private health care can also be contacted if you fall ill and do not have access to Occupational Health care or Public Health Care.

Patients who use private-sector services pay the entire cost of the service to the provider, after which they can apply for partial reimbursement from Kela if they are eligible for the National Health Insurance in Finland. Some might also aquire a private insurance, which could cover certain private medical costs like visit at a childens doctor or an operation at a dentist.

Occupational health care

Employees are entitled to preventive occupational health care financed and arranged by the employer. The provision of medical care is voluntary for employers. Contact your employer to find out what kind of occupational health care is available to you.

What to bring along?

When you move, bring all your medical records and your children’s immunisation records. Remember also to bring your prescriptions if you have an illness that requires ongoing medical treatment. If you are on continuous medication, make sure the appropriate medicine is available in Finland.

Check the availability of a specific medicine on the National Agency for Medicines website.

National social security rules in Europe

National social security rules are coordinated within the EU to ensure that your cover is maintained when you move from one EU country to another.

For more information on EU-coordinated social security regulations in Europe, visit the EUlisses website.

Insurance for grant-receiving scientists

Statutory pension (MYEL) and occupational accident insurance (MATA) for persons receiving a grant or scholarship is granted by the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela).

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