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Departure formalities in Finland


Emigration formalities

Are you thinking of moving abroad to advance your career in research? Check here for useful information on emigration formalities.

Always allow enough time to get all the documents you need, bearing in mind that processing times and required documents will vary depending on your country of destination.

The website has a useful section called Moving abroad, with an abundance of information about various practicalities and formalities.

Working in another EU country

EU rules on the free movement of labour mean that all EU citizens are entitled to work and live in any EU country. A Finnish citizen moving to an EU country or to an EEA (European Economic Area) country (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) is not required to have a visa or a work permit.

For more information, go to the European Commission website.

If you expect to work abroad for less than three months, there are no formalities involved. However, authorities in the country of destination may require that you report to them.

If you plan to stay in another EU country for longer than three months, you must report to the authorities in that country to receive confirmation of your residence permit immediately after entering the country. You will need to present a valid personal identity card or passport and a certificate of employment issued by your employer.

For more information on formalities in different countries, visit the European Commission’s Euraxess website.

The EC’s Your Europe web pages are another valuable source of information about moving to EU countries.

Working in a non-EU country

If you are a Finnish citizen and want to work in research outside the EU or EEA countries, contact the representatives of your country of destination in Finland. In most cases you will need a visa and work permit to work in a non-EU country, but practices vary from country to country.

For contact information, go to Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Diplomatic missions > Representation of foreign states in Finland.