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Work Permit


If you intend to work in Finland, you may need a work permit for Finland. EU / EEA citizens are not required a residence permit in Finland while as non-EU nationals need a residence permit based on employment. Researchers and teachers in the university sector are typically required to apply for a researcher's residence permit. This applies to researchers and PhD candidates working on a salaried position, on a grant/scholarship or with their own, personal funds.

A residence permit must be obtained prior to arrival in Finland, and is required for a stay that exceeds 3 months. In case the stay is not planned to be longer than 3 months, work may be conducted during the visa´s period of validity or the visa-free period. Non-EU nationals who have residence permit in another EU / EEA country have to apply for a residence permit for Finland if the stay exceeds 3 months.

If you come to Finland for undergraduate studies ( for a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree) and finance your studies with your own money, you need to apply for a residence permit for studies.

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